Seven of the Best Places to Visit in Portland, Oregon

Bike-friendly, craft beers, hiking trails, and amazing natural scenery are just some of the top things that come to mind that are associated with Portland, Oregon. The city boasts of these attractions and more that are begging to be explored. With so many things to see and experience, here are seven of the best places to visit when in Portland.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
 Horsetail Falls
Top attractions: Over 200,000 acres of breathtaking natural scenery, scenic viewpoints, numerous trails for trekking, stunning waterfalls, and more

Elk Rock Garden (Garden of the Bishop’s Close)
Elk Rock Garden
Top attractions: A beautiful garden that sits on a bluff overlooking the Willamette River; features ponds and a wide array of flowers including lovely magnolias

International Rose Test Garden
International Rose Test Garden
Top attractions: A popular rose garden located in Washington Park, features thousands of roses consisting of over 500 varieties, serves as testing ground for new varieties of roses; attractions like the Gold Medal Garden, Miniature Rose Test Garden and Shakespeare Rose Test Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden
Lan Su Chinese Garden
Top attractions: A Suzhou-style garden that provides a glimpse of Chinese culture and history; features traditional Chinese structures, a tea house, flowers and plants, and more

Portland Japanese Garden
Portland Japanese Garden
Top attractions: Authentic Japanese garden located outside Asia; features the Flat Garden, Natural Garden, Sand and Stone Garden, Strolling Pond Garden, Tea Garden; tranquil surroundings, breathtaking and colorful foliage

Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Top attractions: Waterfront Park along the Willamette River, scenic views of the city, serves as venue for various events like the Oregon Brewers Festival

Washington Park
Washington Park Portland
Top attractions: Home to some of the city’s top attractions like the Hoyt Arboretum, Oregon Zoo, Portland Children’s Museum, Portland Japanese Garden, the International Rose Test Garden, and World Forestry Center among many others

Your Camping Life in Oregon with an Inverter Generator

What’s great about Oregon is that it’s never a place of boredom. There are more than 20 campgrounds you can visit, and a different kind of fun can be found in each of them.

Whether you’re about to go camping in the Teal Creek Camp, Bandon Farm Stay, Mountain Escape, Nehalem Tipi Retreat, or somewhere else, you should never forget to bring an inverter generator.

Here are the five reasons why:

They are convenient sources of power

Going camping allows you to get closer to nature and appreciate the things that aren’t human made. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your phone or tablet! In fact, watching a movie at night in a tent after stargazing is an excellent idea. And if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need an inverter generator to power up your appliances—from coffee makers to laptops. You could even plug in your speakers to an inverter and dance the night away with your partner! Inverters allow you to enjoy the outdoor life even more. Thanks to their portability, they’re easy to carry, handle, and store. With inverters, you can make your camping activities more entertaining. You can even enjoy better food by using your outdoor grill plugged into your inverter! Seriously, everything will be a lot better with this convenient power supply.

They are quiet

inverter generator and campingCompared to conventional generators that produce a loud noise, inverters are quiet. They will allow you to enjoy conversing with other people and eliminate the chances of you getting scolded by the people around you because of the sound your generator makes. Inverter generators don’t have a massive engine, which makes them a lot quieter than the standard generators.

They provide clean power

Inverters also supply clean or smooth energy, which is considered to have the same quality with the electricity that electric companies provide. Because of the clean AC they release, they can power up delicate electronics like tablets, phones, laptops, and others. Thanks to the continuous flow of energy, these generators get rid of the possibility of voltage surges and fluctuation.

They are fuel-efficient

The speed of their engines depends on how much energy is required by the appliance, which means they don’t have to reach a certain rpm to supply power like conventional generators. In fact, according to studies, inverters save 40% energy, reduce emissions, and save your money on fuel. Perfect, isn’t?

They can work with a partner


Lastly, inverters are perfect for camping because they allow parallel operation. This means you can connect one inverter to another of the same model and size to double the amount of electricity it can supply. With two inverters, you can power up two appliances at the same time and double the fun in your camping life.

Wood Router Tips to Remember

After getting your wood router from Gardening and Home: wood routers, you should keep these tips in mind just like you would remember the essential travel tips you’ve learned so far.

Apply partial profiles

rout profilesThere are several router bit profiles available for wood routers. We all know that. But did you know that you can make an unlimited variation of profiles onto your workpiece if you combine partial profiles of two or more bits? When you do this, you’ll have lots of options and various profile shapes to choose from for your DIY and home improvement projects. Who says you can’t be creative and resourceful when using a wood router?

Rout the profiles

To cut small moldings more comfortably, cut them on the router table and rout the profiles on a wide board before you cut off the shaped corner. This is a smart tip for those who hate dealing with thin or narrow, chattering stocks. Be a wise woodworker and perform this next time!

Replace the switch

wood routerDon’t let the on/off power switch wear out entirely before you replace it. Invest in a quality switch for your wood router especially if you’re always using the machine. Replacing the switch button is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time, so be sure to get rid of your lazy spirit and do it.

Use a clamp

It’s normal for woodworkers to deal with tearing wood as they apply a profile with their router. If you’re a beginner, you might think the issue can’t be solved. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get rid of the probability of a tear-out. All you got to do is use a sandwich clamp. The double-sided can solve the problem. You merely have to turn it over and secure the handles on the other side to allow you to cut down as you follow the direction of the wood grain. Pretty clever, right?

Use tape

wood router tipThis tip is for the woodworker who needs to widen a dado. Some of you might adjust a jig or a straightedge to solve the problem. Well, it’s best if you leave the guide in position then use strips of tape. Just put tape on the base edge of your wood router and watch the router bit nudge from the guide when you recut. You see, with strips of tape on your side, you can maximize the efficiency of your wood router.


What Oregon Has In Store For You

crater lake national park

One place you should consider adding in your bucket list right now? Oregon.

Located within the United States of America’s Pacific Northwest region, the coastal state of Oregon is an epitome of Mother Nature at its finest.

It’s best known for having no shortage of natural places to go such as the Crater Lake National Park and the International Rose Test Garden, as well as the Siuslaw National Forest in Corvallis, the South Saddle Mountain in Washington, the Threemile Canyon Farm in Boardman, and the Hobbit Beach in Florence. It’s also best known for having no shortage of fun things to do such as trail hiking or river kayaking in Bridal Veil Falls, revisiting history in Astoria Column, and reading books or sipping coffee in Dudley’s Bookshop Café.

Even more so, Oregon is a great place for you to:

Go Wine Tasting

We know how wine keeps us healthy with its immunity properties. We also know how wine keeps us fit with its antioxidant properties. And when you’re travelling, nothing beats having a glass of wine after a long day of going all over the place. That being said, why not go wine tasting? Some of Oregon’s famous wineries include the Red Lily Vineyards in Jacksonville and Chapter 24 Vineyards in Dundee, as well as the King’s Raven Winery along New Era Road and the Christopher Bridge Wines along Casto Road.

Indeed, all these can only be experienced in this coastal state. And indeed, more of these can only be experienced in this coastal state – particularly, when visiting major lakes in Oregon and other bodies of water that represents the state as a whole: a place rich in history and vibrant in culture, no matter how unassuming these characteristics might be at times. But that’s another story for later…

Minimizing the Stress of Life on the Road

Traveling for business or pleasure comes with its share of stresses. It can also be exhausting regardless of how much fun you may be having. The ability to relieve stress while on the road can prove handy, especially if you want to make the most of your trips. From meditative activities to relaxing pursuits, here are some of things you can do to keep stress at bay while traveling.

1. Practice mindfulness. Certain activities can be a meditative experience if you become mindful of the process. Walking and running are just some of the things that may help you focus on the here and now. Finding a quiet spot for a leisurely stroll and paying attention to every step or the sights and sounds around you can be a great stress reliever.

2. Indulge on a relaxing spa. Check your accommodation’s amenities to see if there are relaxation spaces or a spa you can retreat to. Or you can do yoga or go for a swim at the hotel’s pool or nearby recreational facility.

3. Stay flexible. Prepare well, but expect the unexpected. Keep a flexible mindset to void needless stress when dealing with sudden changes or delays, which can happen a lot in any trip. Stay on top of the things you can control and be flexible enough to adjust quickly to those that you cannot.

4. Find your relaxing spot. People have different ways of dealing with stress. Some prefer the vibrant energy of being in the midst of the crowd while others long for a quiet space and solitary pursuits. Find that relaxing space that best fits your needs and go there from time to time.

5. Make use of gadgets and apps. Upload relaxation music in your smart phone or MP3 player. Invest on good quality noise-cancelling headphones. Drowning out the noise around you can help in inducing the meditative state you want.

Continuous and back-to-back traveling can subject you to frequent jet lags, motion sickness, and exhaustion. You may even begin to hate the thought of traveling. Learn to harness the benefits of meditation and relaxing activities before stress accumulate and kills your travel bug. Rediscover the joys of traveling for business or pleasure by managing travel-related stress through meditative activities and relaxing pursuits.