Wood Router Tips to Remember

wood router

After getting your wood router from Gardening and Home: wood routers, you should keep these tips in mind just like you would remember the essential travel tips you’ve learned so far.

Apply partial profiles

rout profilesThere are several router bit profiles available for wood routers. We all know that. But did you know that you can make an unlimited variation of profiles onto your workpiece if you combine partial profiles of two or more bits? When you do this, you’ll have lots of options and various profile shapes to choose from for your DIY and home improvement projects. Who says you can’t be creative and resourceful when using a wood router?

Rout the profiles

To cut small moldings more comfortably, cut them on the router table and rout the profiles on a wide board before you cut off the shaped corner. This is a smart tip for those who hate dealing with thin or narrow, chattering stocks. Be a wise woodworker and perform this next time!

Replace the switch

wood routerDon’t let the on/off power switch wear out entirely before you replace it. Invest in a quality switch for your wood router especially if you’re always using the machine. Replacing the switch button is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time, so be sure to get rid of your lazy spirit and do it.

Use a clamp

It’s normal for woodworkers to deal with tearing wood as they apply a profile with their router. If you’re a beginner, you might think the issue can’t be solved. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get rid of the probability of a tear-out. All you got to do is use a sandwich clamp. The double-sided can solve the problem. You merely have to turn it over and secure the handles on the other side to allow you to cut down as you follow the direction of the wood grain. Pretty clever, right?

Use tape

wood router tipThis tip is for the woodworker who needs to widen a dado. Some of you might adjust a jig or a straightedge to solve the problem. Well, it’s best if you leave the guide in position then use strips of tape. Just put tape on the base edge of your wood router and watch the router bit nudge from the guide when you recut. You see, with strips of tape on your side, you can maximize the efficiency of your wood router.


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