Your Camping Life in Oregon with an Inverter Generator

inverter generator and camping

What’s great about Oregon is that it’s never a place of boredom. There are more than 20 campgrounds you can visit, and a different kind of fun can be found in each of them.

Whether you’re about to go camping in the Teal Creek Camp, Bandon Farm Stay, Mountain Escape, Nehalem Tipi Retreat, or somewhere else, you should never forget to bring an inverter generator.

Here are the five reasons why:

They are convenient sources of power

Going camping allows you to get closer to nature and appreciate the things that aren’t human made. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your phone or tablet! In fact, watching a movie at night in a tent after stargazing is an excellent idea. And if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need an inverter generator to power up your appliances—from coffee makers to laptops. You could even plug in your speakers to an inverter and dance the night away with your partner! Inverters allow you to enjoy the outdoor life even more. Thanks to their portability, they’re easy to carry, handle, and store. With inverters, you can make your camping activities more entertaining. You can even enjoy better food by using your outdoor grill plugged into your inverter! Seriously, everything will be a lot better with this convenient power supply.

They are quiet

inverter generator and campingCompared to conventional generators that produce a loud noise, inverters are quiet. They will allow you to enjoy conversing with other people and eliminate the chances of you getting scolded by the people around you because of the sound your generator makes. Inverter generators don’t have a massive engine, which makes them a lot quieter than the standard generators.

They provide clean power

Inverters also supply clean or smooth energy, which is considered to have the same quality with the electricity that electric companies provide. Because of the clean AC they release, they can power up delicate electronics like tablets, phones, laptops, and others. Thanks to the continuous flow of energy, these generators get rid of the possibility of voltage surges and fluctuation.

They are fuel-efficient

The speed of their engines depends on how much energy is required by the appliance, which means they don’t have to reach a certain rpm to supply power like conventional generators. In fact, according to studies, inverters save 40% energy, reduce emissions, and save your money on fuel. Perfect, isn’t?

They can work with a partner


Lastly, inverters are perfect for camping because they allow parallel operation. This means you can connect one inverter to another of the same model and size to double the amount of electricity it can supply. With two inverters, you can power up two appliances at the same time and double the fun in your camping life.

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