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7 Of The Best Craft Breweries to visit in Oregon

10 Barrell Brewing (Bend)
10 Barrell Brewing
Why go: One of the must-stops on the Bend Ale Trail, delicious beers like the S1Nist0r Black Ale, wide selection of food to go with all the amazing beers to try

Barley Brown’s Beer (Baker City)
Barley Brown’s Beer
Why go: Producer of award-winning craft beers, a tap house that features over 20 of the brewery’s finest brews

Deschutes Brewery (Bend)
Deschutes Brewery
Why go: Brews like the Black Butte Porte, 19 taps, unique and delectable menu that pair perfectly with the breweries must-try brews

Full Sail Brewing Co.(Hood River)
Full Sail Brewing Co.
Why go: Award-winning brews complemented with delicious selections of food, picturesque scenery that serves as a backdrop to the facility

Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland)
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Why go: An eco brewpub, features organic brews, use of natural and organic ingredients both in its brews and selections of food

Ninkasi Brewing Company (Eugene)
Ninkasi Brewing Company
Why go: Handcrafted brews that include IPA Total Domination and Oatis (oatmeal stout), free tours

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company (Portland)
Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
Why go: From home brews to a major enterprise, a wide array of beers to choose from, delicious selections on the menu to pair with their craft brews